To our friends and loyal customers,

It is with heavy hearts that we are closing Nine24 Kitchen on Thursday, November 10. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the unwavering support and enthusiasm that you have shown us over the past two years. We could have not achieved our dreams without our loyal customers supporting us.

Although these times are uncertain, we will move confidently in the direction of our vision: to provide healthy, nourishing, and delicious food to the South Bay. That includes proudly continuing to serve you at Source Café in Hermosa Beach, (our 10-year anniversary is on December 1st), as well as launching other exciting opportunities in the near future.

We are committed to moving forward with grace, intention, and enthusiasm as life guides us down uncharted pathways.

Please visit us at Source Café to continue nourishing yourself with the best food in the South Bay.

A sincere thank you – and follow your dreams,

Amber, Cindy, and Beth


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About Nine24 Kitchen

Nine24 Kitchen – Intentional, elevated, sexy cuisine by head Chef Amber Caudle and brought to you by the women of Source Collab.

Raise the bar and your standards with flavorful appetizers, entrées and desserts and an unrivaled biodynamic, natural wine bar.

Named South Bay’s best new restaurant in 2020.

Chef Amber cookbook


Check Out Chef Amber’s New Cookbook

Chef Amber is releasing her FIRST-EVER, LONG-AWAITED cookbook, Sexy Nourishing Food to Fuel Your Body, Mind and Soul!  Her cookbook is bursting with over 80 uniquely delicious recipes that are gluten free, dairy free and free from processed sugars.  Food that is good for you doesn’t have to leave you feeling deprived.  Chef Amber believes that healthy is the new sexy!  Let these creations nourish you and see how you feel. Order your copy and join the exciting eating journey to exploring a healthy and positive connection to what you put into your body. It matters – right now!

– Chef Amber

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